How to repair vegetable greenhouse greenhouse film?

How to repair vegetable greenhouse greenhouse film orignal

In the process of using vegetable greenhouse greenhouses, once the film is broken, the consequences are very serious. Once the film is broken in the management process of vegetable greenhouses, the farmers should repair it in time.

1. Fill with water, scrub the damaged area clean, cut a piece of film without holes slightly larger than the damaged area, dip in water and stick it on the broken hole, drain the air between the two membranes, and press flat.

2. Paper filling method: the agricultural film is slightly damaged. Dip the paper in water and stick it on the damaged part when it is wet.

3 paste method, white flour with water to make paste, then add the equivalent of dry flour weight 1/3 of the red lining, a little heat can be used to fill the film.The film after the shed to use permanent repair method.The film with thicker quality of a material breaks, can cover with the film with same quality of a material above, join with fine line close seam.

4. Glue repair method: wash all around the hole, dip the brush into the special glue and smear it. After 3-5 minutes, take a piece of film with the same texture and stick it on it.Hot repair and glue repair film effect is good, but the repair method not only leakage, and easy to open, the texture is not a thicker film had better not.

5 hot melt method: also can wash the damage, with a larger film covered with holes, and then cover 2~3 layers of newspaper, electric iron along the interface ironing, the two film heat phase melting, cooling will stick together, this method is called hot melt method.

Warm hint: green shed thin special film has a variety of functions such as pervious to light commonly, heat preservation, drip proof, dust proof, however, if install undeserved, cannot develop its due function not only, and still can affect service life badly.The film should not be installed when the temperature is too high, because at this time the film expands with heat, and when the temperature drops the film will shrink, causing fracture and tear.Once the rupture occurs, it is advisable to repair with special adhesive tape, so as not to affect the function of the special film in the greenhouse.

Post time: Mar-22-2019
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